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Client review MMIT Timothy Skinner

In the past year we have increased the number of leads by over 30% across Europe and have doubled the sales conversion in several markets.

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Doubling conversion in less than a year

Several major car brands have introduced our lead management solution in their retail organizations. As an example, we managed to implement the solution and train 200+ retailers in a matter of weeks, from kick-off to launch. Not only did they take to the tool quickly, they also managed to double their conversion in less than a year following the launch. Transparency drives efficiency which in turn drives improved performance.


Split the load across large sales teams

Large sales teams can move mountains, but sometimes duplicate effort is put in or leads fall between the cracks. No more! 2Lead helps you perfectly manage large amounts of leads from multiple sources across multiple sales representatives. No worries about losing track of individual leads or remembering who looks after which. It’s all in one place; searchable, filterable – clear.

Any web shop - with or without brick and mortar - can benefit

It happens to the best of web shops: visitors register, fill up their on-line cart, but simply never hit the submit button. Wouldn’t it be great to catch those potential customers and contact them about their ‘near purchase’?