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Quick demo of 2Lead

This 2-minute video will show you around in the main functionality of 2Lead. What happens when a lead enters 2Lead? How does lead distribution and monitoring work for various roles? We follow a lead through the whole Lead Management process in 2Lead, applicable on all devices, from desk tops to laptops, from mobile phones to tablets. See how 2Lead makes Lead Management easy.

Lead sheets: everything you know - and want to know - about a lead at a glance

Everything your lead was prepared to share with you at your fingertips; contact details, products of interest, and targets you need to hit, clearly indicated. When to contact, quote for or provide feedback and a clear overview of the steps you want, to take your lead through to close the deal. The questions to ask, the offers to make. What more could you want? It’s all here on the lead sheet.

Empowering both Sales and Marketing to improve conversion

Each individual lead can be tracked and traced by both dealer and head quarters – or sales rep and team leader depending on how you configure 2Lead – to see when a lead was received, opened, contacted and closed. Even when a sale is not made, the reason for this can be captured, giving your organization greater insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Both Sales and Marketing benefit from this approach: Sales can give their opinion on the quality of leads and Marketing can truly evaluate campaigns on their ROI.

Can't get in touch with a lead? Set reminders to stay on track

It may be a fact that the quicker you contact a lead the greater the likelihood to convert, but sometimes you just can’t get in touch with someone. In that case 2Lead offers you the possibility to set your own reminders. No hassle, no toggle between programs, simply log in to 2Lead. Put your mind at ease: no lead will be left behind.

The status of all leads at your fingertips

A comprehensive overview of all current leads on one page. Drill down on New, Open, Contacted leads or leads Quoted to, simply by clicking on that part of the bar or pie chart. Select a lead source to understand more about the success of a specific campaign. Slice and dice the leads you have any which way you like. You’ll be surprised at the insights you’ll gain.