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About 2Lead & Lead Management

2Lead is how we see the new standard in Lead Management
We – MMIT – are an ever growing international company consisting of employees who firmly believe the customer comes first. Including your customers. Founded in 1999 our main focus has been enabling true Lead Management, making sure every lead our customers generate is captured, logged and followed up on properly. Our customers never lose track of a single lead!

What does 2Lead do?
2Lead puts you in full control of your leads. 2Lead captures the leads you generate from different channels and distributes them to your sales organization in a matter of seconds – in a secure, legal and controlled fashion. Think of leads that come in through your marketing campaigns, websites, data capture forms, customer service, etc.

In summary
Positive User experience
√   2Lead brings your leads together from multiple channels in one practical lead management application
√   2Lead is praised by users for its clear and user-friendly interface
√   Your 2Lead application can be tuned in any language you like
√   2Lead is available at surprisingly low licensing costs
√   2Lead never causes you unexpected costs for updates

Increased conversion
2Lead shows you which of your campaigns work better than others
√   2Lead allows you to always keep an eye on your KPIs
√   2Lead makes sure you never lose track of a single lead again

Optimize your Marketing efforts
2Lead offers you contact details and interests of each lead on one single page
√   2Lead notifies you exactly when and how to contact each lead

In short: 2Lead is Lead Management made easy.

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On average 40% of Leads are lost